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CM Scientific is a European distributor for GT Advanced Technologies' Advanced Sapphire Materials Group, formerly Crystal Systems Inc., based in Salem, Massachusetts, USA.

The Advanced Sapphire Materials Group (ASMG) has been producing the world's finest and largest sapphire crystals for over 40 years using the Heat Exchanger Method (HEM) process. The group has developed advanced means of producing unique characteristics in sapphire, assessing the subsequent quality and attributes and then correlating these characteristics to the end-user requirements for sophisticated applications. The group is building advanced sapphire solutions for the changing needs of today's technology leaders in lasers, aerospace and semiconductor markets.

GT's Advanced Sapphire Materials Group is the world's leading supplier of HEM Ti:Sapphire and low absorption optical sapphire (LAOS).

For full details of the GTAT Advanced Sapphire Materials Groups' product range and capabilities please visit their web site.

CSI Ti:sapphire products

HEM Ti:Sapphire Material

Ti:Sapphire crystals are grown using the Heat Exchanger Method, (HEM). This unique method of growth allows for production of the world's largest Ti:Sapphire crystals, with excellent optical and thermal properties. The growth of our crystals takes place in a reducing atmosphere in order to maximize Ti3+ ions, thereby reducing parasitic absorption and maximizing FOM (Figure of Merit) values. The superior homogeneity and low wave front distortion of our laser rods allow laser systems to reach high energy levels without sacrificing beam profile quality. Current production of amplifier crystals of over 200 mm in diameter are ensuring success at the next generation of high intensity laser facilities.

CSI Ti:sapphire products

Features and Attributes of HEM Ti:Sapphire:

  • Excellent homogeneity
  • Superior Thermal Properties
  • High Figures of Merit (FOM)
  • No Bulk Scatter
  • High Laser Damage Threshold
  • Large sizes and highly doped material available
  • Laser Crystals up to 280 mm in diameter
  • Many design options including rectangles, squares and your unique designs
  • Low damage polished plano-ends, Brewster's angle ends
  • Highest laser damage threshold coatings available
  • Path lengths ranging from 1mm to 75mm
  • Absorption values from 0.5 to 10+ /cm @ alpha 514nm

HEM Sapphire Material

GT's advanced sapphire material is recognized as the highest commercial quality sapphire available with excellent optical, mechanical and transmission properties. Their advanced sapphire production capabilities gives customers the quality and flexibility they need to meet material requirements for the most demanding applications.

GT's HEM sapphire is the most widely used optical sapphire in the world. HEM sapphire exhibits the unique capability of having a broad transmission range from the vacuum ultra violet (VUV), to the infrared (IR) spectrum. HEM sapphire combines high optical transmission, low transmitted wavefront distortion and outstanding mechanical-strength properties at high and low temperatures. Data shows that the homogeneity for all grades of HEM sapphire is in the 0.1 ppm range. This superior crystalline structure combined with low inclusions levels supports excellent performance in a wide range of optical window applications for aerospace and high power lasers and resonators.

GT's HEM sapphire is used in many mechanical applications because of its large size, strength, abrasion resistance and chemical stability. HEM sapphire has undergone extensive compressive and tensile strength testing at many different temperatures in order to understand its intrinsic failure modes and suitability for different applications.

HEM sapphire products

HEM (LAOS) Low Absorption Optical Sapphire:

  • Low absorption optimized for your wavelength
  • Absorption as low as 41ppm/cm @ 1064
  • Ultra high purity
  • High power laser window material

HEM Sapphire Optical Attributes:

  • Low dn/dt over a wide range of lengths, (window temperature gradient does not cause image blur or foresight error)
  • High resistance to solarization radiation effects
  • Sapphire optics up to 15" in diameter, no thickness restrictions
  • Transmitted wave front (TWE), of 1/10 wave peak to valley and better

HEM Sapphire for Mechanical Applications:

  • Melting point of 2040 C
  • Hardness of 9 on the mohs scale
  • Inert to chemicals at high temperatures
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion

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