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CM Scientific offers ultra high quality precision glass ferrules and alignment sleeves for the Fibre Optic market manufactured from Borosilicate and Clear Fused Quartz glasses. As well as a range of stock ferrules, custom made ferrules are manufactured to a customer's specification utilising proprietary technology and processes. CM Scientific offer a variety of blown, acid etched lead-ins with inner diameter tolerances of +/-0.002 mm and better.

Alignment sleeves are precision drawn products made to a customer's specification from Clear Fused Quartz glass and Borosilicate glasses. With Clear Fused Quartz, the UV transmission characteristics of this glass allow the customer the benefit of using UV curable epoxies.

Please contact our sales team with details and specifications of the Fibre Optic Ferrules that you require so that we can assist further with your enquiry.


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Specifying a Fibre Optic Ferrule

To assist with any requirements for a custom made ferrule the key parameters required to specify a Fibre Optic Ferrule are:

  • Number or bores
  • Inner Diameter and tolerance. Typical tolerances are -1um/+3um
  • Outer Diameter and tolerance. Typical tolerances are +/-0.1mm)
  • Length and tolerance. Typical tolerances are +/-0.2mm
  • Material. Borosilicate or Clear Fused Quartz
  • Lead-in, on one or both ends

Due to the glass drawing process involved in manufacturing the base tubing required for custom ferrules the minimum order quantities are generally 300-500 pieces and the likely order value is over GBP1,000.

Please contact with details or any questions you have regarding custom made Fibre Optic Ferrules.

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Double Bore Ferrules, ID 127um, OD 1.8mm, Length 7mm, Borosilicate Glass (Pk 10)
  Product ID Ferrule-DB127/1.8/7BORO
Price£75.00 (£90.00 Inc. VAT)

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