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VitroCom fabricates a a range of high quality Square and Rectangle Cells in Borosilicate Glass. These clear glass sample containers have a fused flat bottom and a fire polished open end and are used when high temperature, high purity work, and visible transmission is required.


Vitrocom glass cells

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  Product ID CR0309-048
Price: £13.48 (£16.18 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID CR0406-048
Price: £13.68 (£16.42 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID CR0410-048
Price: £14.07 (£16.88 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID CR0412-048
Price: £14.65 (£17.58 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID CRT4410-048
Price: £21.35 (£25.62 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID CS118-060
Price: £16.50 (£19.80 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID CS140-060
Price: £28.00 (£33.60 Inc. VAT)

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