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CM Scientific are European distributors for Polymicro Technologies LLC., a subsidiary of Molex Corp.

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CM Scientific are European distributors for Polymicro Technologies LLC. As specialists in the manufacture of Flexible Fused Silica Capillary, Polymicro Technologies provide a complete range of high quality standard and speciality products which we are delighted to be able to supply to our European clients.

As the world leader in fused silica capillary for the Gas Chromatography (GC), Liquid Chromatography (LC) and Capillary Electrophesis (CE) markets, Polymicro's capillary products are used by many of the world's leading OEM's in their chromatography products.

Most of the Polymicro Technologies ranges of capillaries are available to purchase online in the categories below. We are also happy to accept Purchase Orders by fax or email, please contact our sales team for more information and formal quotations if required.

Fused Silica Capillary and its Functions

CM Scientific provide a range of Polymicro Technologies products including flexible fused silica tubing and capillary assemblies which are used by various clients worldwide, including research establishments and leading commercial organisations for use in analytical chemistry applications.

This flexible fused silica capillary is used for a wide range of chromatography columns in applications including Gas Chromatography (GC), Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) and Capillary Liquid Chromatography (CLC or LC).

Fused silica tubing is used as the base material for producing capillary columns such as gas chromatography columns and liquid chromatography columns. Since its introduction in the early 1980's fused silica capillary has become the standard column material for nearly all gas chromatography column, liquid chromatography column and capillary electrophoresis column manufacturers.

Fused Silica Tubing in Gas Chromatography

Although flexible fused silica capillary tubing is now used over a broad range of applications, one of the first applications for capillary tubing was in the Gas Chromatography (GC) industry. The growth in the use of gas chromatography can be traced back to the development of fused silica capillary as the basis for nearly all gas chromatography columns. Since its first use in the late 70's, the range of capillary tubing internal diameters (ID) has grown, and specification tolerances have continually tightened to meet the exacting demands of the GC column manufacturing industry. Numerous Gas Chromatography column manufacturers offer a broad selection of columns used in the analysis of food products, pharmaceuticals, clinical samples, petroleum, and a variety of other applications.

Polymicro produces a wide range of capillary designed specifically for GC applications. Capillary with ID's ranging from 50µm up to 750µm are routinely used, with the majority of gas chromatography columns employing capillary between 180µm and 530µm. Two product lines are commonly used, these being the standard TSP and high temperature TSG.

Fused Silica Tubing in Capillary Electrophesis

Capillary Electrophesis (CE) is a separation method based on the differential migration rates of sample components within a capillary when an electrical field is applied to the capillary. Key features that make fused silica capillary tubing the CE column material of choice include:

  • The polyimide coating can be easily removed in a process called 'windowing'. Windowed capillary has high transmission in the UV-Vis spectral region, allowing for direct on-column absorbance measurements.
  • CE Capillary can be easily rinsed and filled with solutions and buffers by either positive pressure or vacuum.
  • The durability and abrasion resistance of polyimide coated capillary allow for great flexibility in instrumental design and hyphenation interfacing.
  • Capillary can be easily cleaved to length, providing users great latitude in adjusting CE column length and economies of scale in tubing procurement.

Fused Silica Capillary in Liquid Chromatography

Chromatographic techniques that employ a liquid mobile phase loosely fall into a category referred to as Liquid Chromatography (LC). Capillary fills two fundamental roles in LC applications, as connection lines and as liquid chromatography columns.

  • Capillary is often used for making fluidic connections between the liquid chromatography columns and the other components of the system i.e. flow cells, injectors, detectors, etc. Capillary is durable, yet easily cut to the exact length needed for such interfacing. The wide range of available ID's allows chromatographers great latitude in selecting tubing that offers the optimum performance under their experimental and instrumental design.
  • Secondly, trends toward miniaturization of systems has lead to the introduction of capillary-based columns, and thus the advent of Capillary Liquid Chromatography (CapLC).

Liquid chromatography capillary diameters most commonly range from 50µm up to 500µm, with a variety of different designs available. Standard TSP products are commonly used with TSU products gaining interest for some monolithic columns.

Fused Silica Products Available through CM Scientific

CM Scientific provide the full range of Polymicro's standard fused silica tubing products including polyimide and UV transparent coatings. A large standard range of sizes are also available from 2µm to 700µm internal diameters.

Alternative buffer coatings and custom sizes are available, if you have a specific requirement please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

How to Purchase Fused Silica Capillary

Once you have decided which capillary product is right for you then you have a choice of which format you would like to purchase it in. Available formats include:

Bulk: The majority of capillary is supplied to the market in long, continuous lengths on polystyrene reels. Reel length is dependent on customer requirements but is generally 10-100m.

Pre-cut: Capillary is often pre-cut to customer specified dimensions. Different quality of end finishes are available.

Windowed Capillaries: CM Scientific also supplies precision windowed capillary tubing. Parts are supplied with the polyimide coating removed over a defined length at a specified distance from one end of the capillary section. This provides an optical quality window that has excellent mechanical properties as well.

Additional ranges including square bore and thick wall flexible fused silica capillary are also available.

If you can't find the product you require feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

Ceramic Cleaving Stone (pk 5)
  Product ID Cleaving-stone
Price£25.00 (£30.00 Inc. VAT)
Inner-Lok(TM) GC Universal Union (5 pk)
  Product ID GC-Union
Price£55.00 (£66.00 Inc. VAT)
Inner-Lok(TM) GC 3-way Y-shaped Splitter (each)
  Product ID GC-Y
Price£89.00 (£106.80 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID TSG250350-10M
Price£123.20 (£147.84 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID TSG250350-25M
Price£248.50 (£298.20 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID TSG250350-50M
Price£418.50 (£502.20 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID TSG320450-10M
Price£123.20 (£147.84 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID TSG320450-25M
Price£248.50 (£298.20 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID TSG320450-50M
Price£418.50 (£502.20 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID TSG530660-10M
Price£139.60 (£167.52 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID TSG530660-25M
Price£281.00 (£337.20 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID TSG530660-50M
Price£505.50 (£606.60 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID TSP002150-length
Price£103.40 (£124.08 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID TSP005150-length
Price£103.40 (£124.08 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID TSP005375-length
Price£123.20 (£147.84 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID TSP010150-length
Price£103.40 (£124.08 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID TSP010375-length
Price£123.20 (£147.84 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID TSP015150-length
Price£103.40 (£124.08 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID TSP015375-length
Price£123.20 (£147.84 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID TSP020090-length
Price£123.20 (£147.84 Inc. VAT)
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