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Where to Buy Spectrophotometer Cuvettes and Cells

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Whether it is an optical glass cuvette or a UV cuvette that you are looking for, CM Scientific are global suppliers of cuvettes for spectrophotometers and are trusted with supplying universities, leading commercial organisations and research establishments throughout the world with their spectrophotometer cuvettes' requirements.

At CM Scientific we offer a full range of high quality optical cuvettes and cells for use in a wide range of applications and instruments including the Spectrometer and Spectrophotometer. Used in various scientific fields including physics, chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology, users require a trustworthy supplier of their cuvettes. Spectrophotometers are a valuable instrument and that's why so many industries come to us for their cuvette needs.

Sourcing from CM Scientific you can be assured that the spectrophotometer cuvette or cell that you procure will be of the highest manufacturing standards. All of the cuvettes and cells that we supply are produced only from the highest quality quartz and optical glass. Whether it is an optical glass cuvette for spectrophotometer or a UV cuvette, all of our products undergo a meticulous quality control system to ensure that they meet the highest industry standards and are compatible with most spectrophotometers on the market.

If you have any concerns or questions as to compatibility or specification of a cuvette, spectrophotometer or otherwise, please contact CM Scientific and we will be happy to help.

Types of Spectrophometer Cuvette Available

At CM Scientific we supply both standard glass and UV cuvettes for spectrophotometers . As standard our Spectrophotometer cuvettes and cells have two polished windows. All of our cuvettes also come with a range of lids and stoppers including PTFE lids and Teflon stoppers.

All of these cuvettes are available made with 3 different materials.

Optical Glass Spectrophotometer Cuvette

Spectrophotometer cuvettes which are made from Optical Glass are suitable for transmission wavelengths from 320nm to 2,600nm and are available in a range of path lengths.

UV Quartz Spectrophotometer Cuvettes

UV quartz cuvettes for UV light are suitable for transmission wavelengths from 195nm to 2,500nm and are also available in a range of path lengths.

IR Quartz Spectrophotometer Cuvettes

IR quartz cuvettes are suitable for wavelengths from 260nm to 3,500nm and have a matching tolerance of 1% at 2,730nm.

At CM Scientific we offer the full range of standard spectrophotometer cuvettes through our online store but on top of that we also sell an additional range of more specialised cuvettes and cells including those listed below;

  • Micro spectrophotometer cuvette with frosted walls
  • Micro spectrophotometer cuvette with black walls
  • Self masking continuous flow through spectrophotometer cuvette
  • Cylindrical cell
  • Absorption rectangular
  • Rectangular with screw cap
  • Long Outlet Cylindrical
  • Cells for reflection measurements

If you can't find what you are looking for, we can also supply custom cuvettes to match your design and exact specifications. Contact us today for specifications or for more information on our customised service.

At CM Scientific we provide a vast array of cuvettes. Spectrophotometers are not the only instrument we cater for as we also supply cuvettes for fluorometers and a huge range of other specialised scientific laboratory consumables and equipment. Why not have a look at our full range here.

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