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Ultra Low -OH Silica/Silica Optical Fibre

Polymicro Technolgies FI range of fibre for Vis-NIR transmission (380nm to 2,200nm) has a Ultra Low -OH Silica Core and Doped Silica Clad with a Numerical Aperture of 0.22 +/-0.02 and a Full Acceptance Cone of 25.4 degrees. Polyimide buffer is standard on smaller core fibre and Acrylate on the larger core fibres.

» Ultra Low OH SilicaSilica Optical Fibre
  Product ID FIA100010501250-10M
Price£485.60 (£582.72 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID FIA100010501250-2M
Price£102.12 (£122.54 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID FIA8008801100-10M
Price£380.30 (£456.36 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID FIA8008801100-5M
Price£202.65 (£243.18 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID FIP050070085-100M
Price£150.00 (£180.00 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID FIP050070085-50M
Price£87.50 (£105.00 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID FIP100110125-100M
Price£123.00 (£147.60 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID FIP100110125-50M
Price£74.00 (£88.80 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID FIP100140170-100M
Price£255.00 (£306.00 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID FIP100140170-50M
Price£140.00 (£168.00 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID FIP150165195-100M
Price£203.00 (£243.60 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID FIP150165195-50M
Price£114.00 (£136.80 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID FIP200220240-100M
Price£215.00 (£258.00 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID FIP200220240-50M
Price£99.50 (£119.40 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID FIP300330370-25M
Price£154.50 (£185.40 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID FIP300330370-50M
Price£271.50 (£325.80 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID FIP400440480-10M
Price£99.40 (£119.28 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID FIP400440480-25M
Price£217.25 (£260.70 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID FIP400440480-50M
Price£397.00 (£476.40 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID FIP600660710-10M
Price£173.10 (£207.72 Inc. VAT)
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