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Tygon® Ultra-Soft E-1000 Tubing replaces R-1000 and is now Non-DEHP, resists a broad range of aqueous chemicals and provides an excellent alternative to silicone tubing in applications where corrosive chemicals are used. Its minimal resistance to compression permits use in low-torque pump applications including battery driven types.
Tygon® Ultra-Soft Tubing stays flexible at temperatures as low as -67°F (-55°C ). Its smooth bore facilitates easy cleaning and helps prevent possible buildup. Not suitable for autoclaving.

Tygon® E-1000 Data Sheet Tygon(R) tubes end view

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Benefits of Tygon® E-1000
  • Suitable for general laboratory use, vent and drain lines
  • Ultra-soft and flexible
  • Performs well at low temperatures (to -100oF)
  • Excellent for use in low-torque pump applications
» Tygon(R) Ultra-Soft Tubing E1000
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