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Box of two cuvettes

Optical Glass spectrophotometer cells with PTFE Lid. Suitable for 320nm - 2.6um wavelengths. Available in a range of Path Lengths from 1mm to 100mm. Cells have two windows polished.

» Standard Cell in Optical Glass with Lid
  Product ID 1003-1
Price£35.50 (£42.60 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID 1003-2
Price£36.68 (£44.02 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID 1003-3
Price£29.58 (£35.50 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID 1003-4
Price£24.66 (£29.59 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID 1003-5
Price£29.58 (£35.50 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID 1003-6
Price£31.52 (£37.82 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID 1003-7
Price£35.60 (£42.72 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID 1003-8
Price£47.34 (£56.81 Inc. VAT)
  Product ID 1003-9
Price£94.66 (£113.59 Inc. VAT)

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