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PVDF Syringe Filters

KX PVDF Membrane Syringe Filters offer the following features:

  • Broad chemical compatibility and low UV absorbing extractables
  • Highly resistant to most solvents and low protein binding
  • General filtration of biological samples
  • Filtration of all aqueous and most solvent based samples
  • Filtration of proteins and tissue cultures
  • Autoclave: sterilised by dry heat (121°C for 15 minutes)

Nylon,  PTFE,  Mixed Cellulose and PES syringe filters are also available.

!! Only Available whilst in stock !!


» PVDF Membrane Syringe Filters
Syringe Filter - 4mm 0.22um PVDF with Luer lock (Colour Coded: Coffee) 100/pk
  Product ID ESF-PV-04-022
Price£65.00 (£78.00 Inc. VAT)
Syringe Filter - 30mm 0.45um PVDF with Luer lock (Colour Coded: Red) 100/pk
  Product ID ESF-PV-30-045
Price£65.00 (£78.00 Inc. VAT)

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