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CM Scientific are resellers of Upchurch Scientific chromatography products and fittings from IDEX. By browsing through our online shop you will be able to see and purchase some of the most popular Upchurch Scientific products that we supply, all of which are designed to enhance the chromatography system performance and workflow productivity from beginning to end.

The full portfolio of Upchurch Scientific products including chromatography products and Upchurch fittings please contact us and we will be pleased to help.

About Upchurch Scientifc

Upchurch Scientific, part of the IDEX Health & Science corporation, are acknowledged throughout the world for developing and supplying world class chromatography valves, liquid connections and accessories such as PEEK tubing and Stainless Steel tubing.

Upchurch Scientific products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and are the leading global manufacturer of chromatography products including flow control accessories and high and low pressure fittings.

Upchurch Fittings and Chromatography Products Available through CM Scientific

Browsing through both our online shop and IDEX's website will provide an insight into the range of Upchurch chromatography products and Upchurch fittings available from CM Scientific. These include fingertight fittings, inline solvent filters, and manual and MXT automation compatible valves. Combined with a comprehensive range of PEEK and Stainless Steel tubing, what is on offer makes Upchurch the number one choice for chromatography products worldwide.

If the product you require is not listed please contact our sales team who will be pleased to help with your enquiry.



Datasheets for the most popular ranges of Tygon® tubing are provided below.

IDEX Fluidics and Optics Catalogue (File size 37MB)


More Information

The Upchurch Scientific extensive range of HPLC accessories and chromatography fittings include the LuerTight, NanoTight, VacuTight and Super Flangeless products.

  • High-pressure fittings and connectors
  • Micro- and nano-scale flow products such as flow sensors, connectors, mixers, columns, filters, and lab-on-a-chip
  • Adapters: luer, barbed, and threaded for low- and high-pressure applications
  • Low-pressure fittings and connectors
  • Tubing, including PEEK™ fused-silica, PEEKsil™, Radel®, Ultem®, Tefzel®, Halar®, PFA and FEP, stainless steel, and titanium
  • High-pressure valves for nano-, analytical-, and preparative-scale applications, as well as rotors/stators, sample loops, and valve accessories
  • Flow control accessories, such as back pressure regulators, relief valves, and inline check valves
  • Filters and degassers: inline solvent filters, vacuum degassers, bottle caps, disposable sample, precolumn, and inline filters
  • Frits (PEEK®, titanium, and stainless steel)
  • HPLC columns, guard columns, and accessories
  • UHP (ultra-high-pressure) components
  • Laboratory pumps: peristaltic, syringe pump alternatives, air compressor/vacuum pumps

Please contact CM Scientific for specific details of any of the Upchurch Scientific products that you require.

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Upchurch Scientific manufactures tubing for low, medium and high pressure applications. Materials including stainless steel, PEEK, FEP and PFA are available in a range of internal and external diameters.
Particulate removal from both solvents and sample is key to the smooth running and protection of all areas of the chromatography system.
Upchurch Scientific flow control accessories are designed to enhance the chromatography system performance through outgassing prevention and back flow protection. Back pressure regulators are available in stainless steel and biocompatible PEEK with pressure ratings of 5 to 1,000 psi.
Reliable fluid connections offer peace of mind for routine chromatography. Upchurch Scientific offer a complete range of high quality high pressure PEEK and stainless steel fittings and connectors for HPLC.
Ultra High Performance Fittings for UHPLC. Upchurch Scientific range of Ultra High Performance Fittings are manufactured from a proprietary PEEK blend which allows them to be used at higher pressures (up to 23,000 psi / 1,585 bar) than more traditional fittings. Ideal for UHPLC
Upchurch Scientific offer connection systems for low pressure applications. The flangeless fittings include ETFE and polypropylene ferrules, along with colour coded Delrin® nuts. These products are supported by a range of unions, T- and Y- connectors and bulkhead fittings. Upchurch Scientific low pressure products support both 1/16" and 1/8" OD tubing systems.
Fluid connections using capillary tubing are now commonplace in analytical laboratories. The Upchurch Scientific range of MicroTight and NanoTight fittings and sleeves lead the way in fluid connections for small volume liquid flow applications.
Upchurch Scientific offer a complete range of conical, peristaltic, Luer, barbed and threaded connectors and adapters for use with rigid, semi-rigid and flexible tubing.

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